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Ten Talents: Fellowship of the Faithful (Hardback)

Ten Talents: Fellowship of the Faithful (Hardback)

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Feel God's presence with you throughout every experience in life.

The Ten Talents Series unveils God's presence in our lives with uncompromising biblical truth. Hear His words guiding you with the love of a caring Father rapt in your joys, tender with your concerns, assuring with your fears, and kind in His chastening. Take the unblushing reality of your life, desires, and even emotional accusations to God as your grow in ever vibrant life and relationship with Christ.

Through this series you will become familiar with the personality and nature of the Lord, and enjoy the pleasure and scope of His presence.


Ten Talents: Fellowship of the Faithful hardback edition. Book one of the emerging series Ten Talents.


AUTHOR Jason Hunter
FROM Hosanna Publishing
PRODUCT TYPE Hardback book
ISBN 978-1-942129-00-4