About Ten Talents

The birth of an author

I have long desired to be a writer. As early as my fourth year in grade school the yearning stirred within me.

Decades later God blessed me with a passion for His word, to know Him better, and walk in His ways. I swiftly suspected that He would, one day, realize the desire He had planted in my heart all those years ago.

It would be another five years before God called me to take a day off of work each week to dedicate to writing. I trusted God and did so. The night before the first day I had taken off—reducing my income to part time employment—I went to bed without a clue what to write. Whether by dream or by vision, when I awoke the next morning, I knew the name of the book, what it looked like, the layout, interior design, and nine tenths of the content. And He has guided me ever since.

I can say, without a trace of grandeur, I am due little more credit than for my diligence and faithfulness, and even that bolstered by God. I was given to know what I was to write, to be expressed through my own style and personality.

It took two and a half years to complete the first book of this series, and another three and a half years to figure out how to format, print, and self-publish the book under a personally owned publisher's name. There's no big publisher's distribution network behind me. It's just my meager efforts and reader's word of mouth, empowered by whatever measure of blessing God chooses to bestow on the diligence of those who believe this series will help others know and grow in their love and relationship with Jesus Christ and their desire for His word.

Thank you for your prayers, commendation to others, and the grace of your blessings. May you ever grow in your relationship and love for our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!