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Names, titles, and expressions for Jesus poster

Names, titles, and expressions for Jesus poster

$ 8.95

This 24" x 36" poster features an exhaustive list of the names, titles, and expressions used for Jesus throughout the Bible–past, present, and propheticstyled after ancient parchment stained red with the redemptive blood of our Lord and Savior.

Names, titles, and expressions of Jesus are categorized by whom or how Jesus was referenced: "I AM, Prophetically, Himself, Others, The Father, The Holy Spirit, Angles, and Demons and Evil spirits." This list of references to Jesus is based upon an excerpt from a study on the identity and person of Jesus the Messiah found in chapter four of Ten Talents: Fellowship of the Faithful.

(Scriptural references to the names, titles and expressions for Jesus are notated in Ten Talent: Fellowship of the Faithful. There is simple not enough room to include referenced verses on the poster itself.)